Saturday, April 25, 2009


OK, this week is quickly getting crazy and it hasn't even started yet. A couple of updates:
  • XTERRA Snow Valley is canceled? WTF? First they moved the date, OK I'm cool with that, but now they cancel the whole thing. At the same time your top 4 races count this year. How is anyone supposed to hit 4 races without flying all over the country?
  • I find out Thursday afternoon if I still have a job. Months of waiting, ups/downs, and now it all comes down to this Thursday. Conveniently right before XTERRA Vegas. Here's hoping for some good news going into the weekend.
  • With my employment status lurking and race schedule in jeopardy, this week has me distracted to say the least. I'm considering some big changes.
At this point I'm thinking of scrapping XTERRA and just doing some different and unique races for fun. Mega Colossus? 1/2 IM? Anyone know of other cool races to take my mind off everything here this week?

Friday - 20 mile road ride home


Zippy said...

Snow Valley canceled!? SUCK! I don't mind a little travel, but this is ridiculous!

Zippy said...

I used to be in the same Tri Club as the Snow Valley race director for years. He's not promoting any races this year, thanks to the economy. I don't think the Xterra folks had a choice.

Lots of amateurs I know have completely stepped away from the Xterra scene this year for various reasons.

There's an open water swim series right near you!