Friday, April 17, 2009

Bike+Bike+Hills = pain

Thursday was all about the bike. In fact, most days have been about the bike lately. I rode a total of 28 miles on the road (beater commuter MTB) and 10 on the trail (Niner race bike). the 10 on the trail were pretty much all hill repeats trying to improve my climbing.

Unfortunately, my trail riding was after 21 miles of road riding and on some pretty technical sections of trail, so I was struggling. I was also riding alone and I always fear having to call A because I've busted my head open when riding alone so I tend to "play it safe" which I think is probably more dangerous than just bombing through sections.

Last season in XTERRA my bike and my run were mediocre at best. I think my poor runs had more to do with poor biking than running. I would expend too much energy on the bike and was spent by the run. This year I trained and completed the 1/2 marathon as some off-season work on my running and I've been riding longer and harder than at any point in my life. I'm really hoping this pays off in two weeks.

Two weeks. That's pretty much all I have until XTERRA West. I'm excited and nervouse for what I'm hoping will be an amazing weekend. Stay tuned...

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