Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Enough w/ the doom and gloom

I'm getting psyched for this weekend.

This weekend I get to race - a real race, the kind where I get to swim fast, bike fast, and run fast. Oh, and it's on trails, someplace warm, that's a short drive, and I get a sweet vacation out of it.

I took Monday and Tuesday totally off to get my back to calm down. It's working and I have a lot more range of motion, but still not enough to race. I'm going to try and swim today and see if I can loosen it up some more and see where I'm at. My mental game is coming along nicely and I know I'll be ready to race come Saturday morning.

Today my off-season tri coach made an unexpected stop by my office and got me really fired up to bring it this weekend. This economy needs to turn around cause I could be sooo much faster if I worked out with Dameon. If Thursday's meeting goes well and I keep my job I've got a new bike lined up as well. I'm not going to jinx it, but it's going to be sweet.

Year two of racing XTERRA starts Saturday. Hell yea!!

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