Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My first shower at home

This morning was my first shower at home in the month of April - that's 14 days. I'm pretty sure it has been longer than that, but I'm positive I've gone all of April until today. Have I been forgoing basic hygiene? How do I still have a wife? Friends? Am I just such a great guy that they can see past my disgusting exterior. The answer is no, and actually quite simple.

In the month of April I have been showering exclusively at the gym and at work. My shower at home felt foreign this morning. It is questionable that the 4th shower stall from the right in the local 24hr fitness feels more comfortable these days - especially because it is probably used by 20 or 30 other people a day, but that's the state of things at the moment. With early mornings spent at the gym and lunchtime workouts thrown in to keep it interesting I'm doing a lot of showering away from home, and I like it. That's right - I like it.

Despite are increased watering of the garden at home and the need to fill the pool more frequently, our water bill was lower last month. I'm also not using any hot water at home so our water heater isn't working as hard and we're saving electricity too. Those that know me understand just how soothing these reductions are to my psyche. I've also established a pretty comfortable routine and have been enjoying my morning gym addiction. I'm a lot more efficient at the gym than I am at home and with a busy training and life schedule every minute counts.

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