Saturday, June 21, 2008

Post Race + Results

Results of XTERRA Dawg Days
4th in AG
16th overall

Other notes:
2nd AG swim (1st guy is rumored to be a Navy Seal?)
less than a minute off of third and 4 minutes off the AG leader

After crossing the finishing line, taking down two Gatorades, and some time spent in the shade I was feeling much better. Pretty soon it was time for the awards and I had to watch the three guys who finished in front of my take their hardware. 4th place in my third ever XTERRA race is nothing to be ashamed of, but with Nationals in Reno based on points earned in the series every little bit helps.

During the awards, the race director was giving out plenty of shwag - including wetsuits, shoes, and other gear like hats, shirts, and DVDs. Well worth waiting around for. I wound up in contention for free entrance to the Mountain Championships in Utah later this summer. Hmmm...this might be just the ticket to more points in the series.

The director announced that there would be 4 spots to regionals given away by a Gatorade chugging contest. On the count of 3 there were probably 15+ of us who started pounding the Gatorade. Despite finishing BEFORE the 3rd guy the director didn't see me until I tied with the only female winner next to me. Four of us won bids to regionals, including me, and one guy one a new pair of XTERRA trail shoes. I tried to trade for the shoes, but no dice. The more I think about it the more I'm thinking about adding Ogden to my schedule and racing in the championship.

It was a great race weekend filled with beautiful scenery, great weather, and cool people. A big thank you to Chris and his family for feeding me and letting me stay with them. They were great! In the morning I'm off for Santa Fe for some more biking and time with friends. I'll post the link with official results when it's posted.

my reaction to how winners will be decided

quickly all business - hosting a winning empty

reward - entrance to the Mountain Championships

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