Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Morning

I am anxiously awaiting the results of XTERRA East Championships. I've been following the guys from out west via their blogs all week and I am stoked to see the results. It was no race day for me, but while those guys were all out there killing it in this great southern heat I hit the trails for my own gnarly brick workout.

I loaded my "road bike" onto the roof of the Matrix and headed out to Percy Warner Park. First I ran the 2.5 mile trail that is up/down the whole way. This trail always pushes me and leaves me feeling stronger for it. I made a quick transition back at the car and road 18 miles on the bike before transitioning at the car again and heading out on one more loop of the 2.5 trail run. I felt great and love the feeling of a great summer workout that leaves you dripping in sweat.
I treated myself to some Smoothie King action on the way home before jumping on my foam roller. I'm in my last days here in the south before moving to the southwest. I'm going to miss the trees, green, and all the shade, but I'm sure I'll be loving the wide open sky soon enough.

Training Update:
Thursday: Nasty blisters from SL the night before, so I only did some core work
Friday: Road 10 miles, swam 2 miles, road 10 miles back home - great brick workout!
Saturday: Core work / rest

Smoothie King treat
Matrix with new rack

nasty blister

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