Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ready to race

This is it!
XTERRA Dawg Days is this Saturday and I couldn't be more pumped. Tuesday I had a great run, even in the afternoon heat and humidity, Wednesday I jumped in the pool for a light swim and today I just rested. The car is all packed up and I can't wait to get this race weekend started. Wednesday, my incredible little sister who is back home for a couple weeks, hooked me up big time with a massage - she's a massage therapist and strength and conditioning coach! So I'm feeling loose and ready to race all out this weekend. I checked out a video of the course and changed out the tires on the race bike. I feel more like a real XTERRA athlete at every race. More updates once I hit the road.

Feeling loose after a great massage

Loading up at Las Palmas - mmmmm

getting the bike fitted with new tires - so many to choose from

Packing my bag for transition - so fast it's a blur

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