Friday, April 16, 2010

Whiskey Row Off-Road

There is actually a race on my 2010 schedule. The Whiskey Row Off-Road 25 proof (although I hear it is more like 29) will be my first event of 2010. I'm really getting excited for this race and it looks like it is attracting quite a crowd of racers including the likes of Tinker Juarez. I'm not expecting anything big results wise, just looking to have a good time in the Arizona high country.
My routine lately has been:
Monday: swim /lift
Tuesday: lift / ultimate practice
Wednesday: road bike 40 / lift
Thursday: yoga / lift
Friday: road bike 40 /lift
Saturday: MTB or Ultimate / yoga
Sunday: lift
So there hasn't been a ton of time in the saddle lately, but I'm changing that. This morning I had a beautiful ride on SoMo's Desert Classic Trail just as the sun was rising. I'm enjoying the cool mornings while they last (62) because all too soon it will be brutal - even at sunrise.
I'm starting to get a handle back on life so hopefully that translates into more training, blogging, and racing. Stay tuned and enjoy the weekend.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Like old times

Friday -1000m swim/ lifted chest/back
Saturday - 7.5 road/10 MTB/7.5 road + 1hr yoga class
Sunday - 20 mile road ride

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Now that it's April

No single event prompted my return to the blogosphere. I've been busy working hard, pursuing new projects, and living the active life I always expect from myself. Somewhere in there the blog fell of the radar. Perhaps part of the extended absence is the realization several months ago that I could not complete this year's XTERRA season. Fewer race weekends mean fewer opportunities for points, and with limited funds and several conflicts on the close races I didn't see the point to sport specific training. Instead, I've been enjoying being active and am looking forward to several new athletic challenges. More details and updates to come. I'm back!