Friday, April 16, 2010

Whiskey Row Off-Road

There is actually a race on my 2010 schedule. The Whiskey Row Off-Road 25 proof (although I hear it is more like 29) will be my first event of 2010. I'm really getting excited for this race and it looks like it is attracting quite a crowd of racers including the likes of Tinker Juarez. I'm not expecting anything big results wise, just looking to have a good time in the Arizona high country.
My routine lately has been:
Monday: swim /lift
Tuesday: lift / ultimate practice
Wednesday: road bike 40 / lift
Thursday: yoga / lift
Friday: road bike 40 /lift
Saturday: MTB or Ultimate / yoga
Sunday: lift
So there hasn't been a ton of time in the saddle lately, but I'm changing that. This morning I had a beautiful ride on SoMo's Desert Classic Trail just as the sun was rising. I'm enjoying the cool mornings while they last (62) because all too soon it will be brutal - even at sunrise.
I'm starting to get a handle back on life so hopefully that translates into more training, blogging, and racing. Stay tuned and enjoy the weekend.

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