Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So this happened...

I've been sitting on a fitness ball at work for three years. Two weeks ago, for no reason, my ball burst while I was eating lunch and checking email at my desk. I fell hard and fast. Very hard and very fast. A couple days of being sore and it was time to get back on a new burst-resistant ball. This video pretty accurately represents how one succumbs to gravity.

USAT member again...

I'm back.  Officially.  1st event of the year will be the Firebird Sprint Tri in a little over a month from now.  Time to remember how to swim!

Wednesday 14 mile bike this morning

Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Away

Headed up to N. AZ with Runnerwife for some R&R this past weekend.  I did not need the time off, and probably should have taken a bike, but it was nice to just make packing and vacationing easy.  Runnerwife is 1 week out from the 1/2 marathon and her training was going well except for a hiccup over the weekend.  A fluke stumble in the dark into a desk and now she's sidelined with serious knee pain.  No long run on the weekend and out short 3 miler turned into a 1.5 with a slow hobbling walk home.  Serious well wishes for a quick recovery and a speedy race next weekend!

Last week finished up with Wednesday and Thursday AM workouts with the Nutrition Doc and afternoon gym sessions on my own.  Friday I hit the gym over lunch and took the morning off.  I need to amp up the training and am considering adding a sprint tri in February. That might be just the ticket!

Monday AM
2 lap warm up
plyo warm up
3 x (Ladder Drills + 90yd 6 line suicide drills + recovery lap)
+1 suicide
5 min ABS

Monday PM
Gym - arms/foam roller/stretch

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

25 or 50 Proof?

Registration for the Whiskey Row race is now open and I need to decide between the 25 and 50 proof.  I know the 25 will be a great time, but I did it last year.  The 50 provides a new challenge and reason to push over the next couple of months, but I don't know what this spring has in store for me.  Decisions, decisions....

Monday - AM
3 x (5 x 50sec/10sec interval sprints on the track)
10x squat jumps
10x jump tucks
100x thrust jumps
20x lunges
2x 30sec star jumps

Monday - PM
5 min foam rolling
3 x 10 hamstring ball bridges
3 x 10 10# weighted crunches
8, 8, 6 pull ups
3x ball tricep pulls
3 x 20 rung pushup ladder

Tuesday - AM
Spin Class 60min
foam rolling 5 min
bicep curls
tricep extension
5 min abs

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back in Business

2011.  Day 1.  16 miles on the road bike.  Washed it, tuned it, lubed it, and added a couple new features for good measure.  I'm embracing what it will be for the foreseeable future and that is a commuting and training machine so weight be damned.  I added a rear rack and some sweet LED lights.  I'm going to look amazing when this thing is lit up at night!!  Back to work in the morning after a much needed long weekend to recover from the holidays.  Safe riding!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ready for 2011?

I'm keeping it simple for 2011. In order to balance all the incredible friends, family, and opportunities in my life I took a break from serious racing and blogging in 2010. I'm looking forward to a great 2011 and part of that is having some athletic goals to work towards despite a busy and full life. Stay tuned for my updates on working toward competing in the 2011 Whiskey Row Off-Road and see what other adventures and opportunities present themselves along the way. Happy New Year!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Whiskey Row Off-Road

There is actually a race on my 2010 schedule. The Whiskey Row Off-Road 25 proof (although I hear it is more like 29) will be my first event of 2010. I'm really getting excited for this race and it looks like it is attracting quite a crowd of racers including the likes of Tinker Juarez. I'm not expecting anything big results wise, just looking to have a good time in the Arizona high country.
My routine lately has been:
Monday: swim /lift
Tuesday: lift / ultimate practice
Wednesday: road bike 40 / lift
Thursday: yoga / lift
Friday: road bike 40 /lift
Saturday: MTB or Ultimate / yoga
Sunday: lift
So there hasn't been a ton of time in the saddle lately, but I'm changing that. This morning I had a beautiful ride on SoMo's Desert Classic Trail just as the sun was rising. I'm enjoying the cool mornings while they last (62) because all too soon it will be brutal - even at sunrise.
I'm starting to get a handle back on life so hopefully that translates into more training, blogging, and racing. Stay tuned and enjoy the weekend.