Tuesday, January 4, 2011

25 or 50 Proof?

Registration for the Whiskey Row race is now open and I need to decide between the 25 and 50 proof.  I know the 25 will be a great time, but I did it last year.  The 50 provides a new challenge and reason to push over the next couple of months, but I don't know what this spring has in store for me.  Decisions, decisions....

Monday - AM
3 x (5 x 50sec/10sec interval sprints on the track)
10x squat jumps
10x jump tucks
100x thrust jumps
20x lunges
2x 30sec star jumps

Monday - PM
5 min foam rolling
3 x 10 hamstring ball bridges
3 x 10 10# weighted crunches
8, 8, 6 pull ups
3x ball tricep pulls
3 x 20 rung pushup ladder

Tuesday - AM
Spin Class 60min
foam rolling 5 min
bicep curls
tricep extension
5 min abs

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