Thursday, June 26, 2008

EPIC Tuesday

The plan for Tuesday

Tuesday was one of the best days I've had a in a long time. Chandler and I woke up for a leisurely breakfast and more work on the bikes. We mapped out our route for the day's ride and then set off on a different kind of bike adventure. We met up with a guy in Santa Fe who restores classic road bikes. After riding several bikes I rode a sweet Centurion Dave Scott Master that is now the newest member of the family.
After road bike shopping we set off with Chandler's Cake and my Cobia on the back of his truck. The plan for the day was a ride from the top of the Santa Fe Ski Basin all the way down into town, switch out the bikes for road bikes, and then bike all the way back up to 11,000 feet to the top of the ski basin to get the car. Damn.
It didn't quite turn out the way we planned, but it was an epic day of biking and one we will be back to finish. I'll let the pictures and video tell the story.

view of the ski runs at almost 11,000 ft
ready to hit the trail - "buckle your helmet!"

first of 15 water crossings

The first mile was NASTY! It was filled with huge drops, loose trail, and jagged rocks. We could have used a couple more inches of travel all the way around. After the first mile, it was just fast downhill action. We started in old growth Aspen, then green open meadow, high desert, and finally low desert with 14 creek crossings. The trail was unbelievable, the weather incredible, and the experience one of a lifetime. Everyone needs to experience this trail!

checking the map

checking the map 2 hours later

the terrain has changed

after a 12 mile, 1,000ft climb, wrong turn we make it home

What you see in the valley is Santa Fe - that's a ride!
Chandler on the trail

Garret on the trail

Chandler riding the snow melt

my turn ( 7 for 11 on the day)

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