Tuesday, June 17, 2008


One of the biggest changes to my routine the past couple of days has been watching TV.  Not the veg out and watch, but to just have it on for background while I'm packing stuff up for the big move.  Yesterday Tiger Woods won the US Open and I happened to watch the final holes - this time sitting down and vegging out.  
I had always been in the camp that thought golf was kind of silly, but watching Tiger Woods yesterday I have a whole new respect for his skill and athleticism.  I know that during races one of the hardest parts is to stay focused.  One misread on a bike line or poor step on the run and you can take a nasty fall.  It is all too easy when you are mentally and physically exhausted.  At the end of a race or hard day of training you can also just power through it, leave nothing out there, and just finish.  Golf doesn't seem to allow this.  No matter how tired, excited, or anxious you are you have to be in complete control and maintain such a fluid and controlled athletic motion the whole time.  I have mad respect for that and for what Tiger was able to accomplish yesterday.  It actually made golf thrilling to watch and gave me a whole new respect.
Training for today is functional, my favorite kind.  I had the car dropped off at the shop this morning for a checkup before the big trip.  I plan to run over to pick it up later today, swim and bike Wednesday, another easy run on Thursday and then hit the road for my next (last?) race of the season.  I'll be blogging from the road so stay tuned.

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