Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Good

Yesterday was my last big workout before XTERRA West this coming weekend. I headed out to the McDowell Mtn. race park where they have a collection of awesome high speed loops for riding. A was going to hike with the dog while I practiced riding/running. When we arrived the paramedics were there along with the sheriff and life flight chopper. Word at the park was a rider was badly injured on one of the loops and having to be carried out and then flown out for treatment. It wasn't good. My thoughts go out to the rider and his family.

I hit the sport loop x 2 for a warmup and easy 6 miles. I got the feel of my recently tuned bike on the first 3 and tried to hammer the last 3 at race pace. I threw the bike in the car and hit the trail on foot for a fast 3 mile transition run. The sun was relentless and I could feel myself heating up much faster than I would have liked, but I held a great pace for the run.

I got the bike back out and hit the more technical section of trail with lots of good climbing. 4 miles of riding here at race pace and then 2 miles running, again at race pace. The mileage was pretty light today but I made up for it with the effort. Got home in time for some lunch and a dip in the pool.

This is where the trouble starts. After lunch I began working on our gutters which involved lots of overhead lifting, twisting, and balancing on a ladder. Post brick workout this was extra tough. I got everything installed just fine but when I went to hang the ladder back in the garage it got away from me and I tweaked my back. It didn't seem to bad at the time, but then came this morning...

My back is jacked up. It feels like two steel rods run on either side of my spine. I've had this happen before and recovery is slow. I hit the gym this morning to warm it up and do some yoga. I'm trying to stretch it out every hour here at the office, but it is still tight and sitting all day isn't going to help.

Goals for the week:
  1. keep my job
  2. get healthy for XTERRA Vegas
  3. finish grad school application
  4. be in a good mood for our long weekend vacation in Vegas
Saturday - 2800m swim
Sunday - 6 mile ride/3 mile run, 4 mile ride/2 mile run

1 comment:

Anj said...

Ouchie! I did the same thing to my back after a vigorous day of mopping. It's a amazing what general home maintenance can do to your back.

Would your office buddies look at you strange if you rolled in an exercise ball or foam roller? I've used a ball at my desk sometimes. It allows the spine to be in a more neutral position than my office chair.

Maybe you can find a good ART practitioner to release some of that tension, too. I am so sorry for you. Heal up!

Take care and good luck!