Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Monday - 2,800 in the pool (200, 400 pull, 400 pull w/paddles, 400 w/paddles, 400, 400 pull, 400 pull w/paddles, 200). A weekend of rest really paid off. I felt great in the pool. After work I ran a solid 4 miles with A. I was really feeling good on the run. It is so cool to feel fast and confident running - that's never been the case.

Tuesday - Worked out at the gym. 15 minutes of an intense pace on the stair machine, really pushed it lifting and doing core this morning. After work I went for an easy 1.5 mile run with the dog. It was a hot one today, 102! Some recovery lounging in the pool and time with the stick.

Wednesday - Part I is done: 20 mile road ride into work this morning. Riding the 20 home and then a transition run.

9 days until Vegas. 9 days.

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