Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Tri Style

Today is Easter and what an Easter it was. A and I spent the day with friends and family and I managed to spend a lot of it on my bike. Amazing day!

I set an ambitious plan for the day that revolved around biking, running, and eating multiple times. I covered over 35 miles today, none of it by car, and linked together so many neighborhoods I'd only been in individually.

Phase 1 - K&T's house for brunch. This is a pretty straightforward ride that we do a lot to see our friends who live just to the north of us. I took the "long" way and made it 7 miles door to door. A was supposed to meet me at the house with running clothes for a transition run and then casual clothes but beat her there. I'd already had a mimosa when she arrived so I scrapped the transition run and just changed into something more comfortable.

We had a great time hanging out in the backyard. Friends, dogs, food, a little badminton - good times.
backyard Easter brunch
Phase 2 - Another change back into bike clothes and it was off to A's parent's house. It was a nice mixture of bike lane, multi-use path, singletrack, and canal paths. HUGE rattlesnake in the road just off the bike lane. I stopped to take pictures, but the rest of the pics were taken on the go.
preparing to head out again
huge rattler
multi-use in the Papagos
riding the canal
I arrived at A's parent's house and made a quick change to running clothes and then cranked out a hard 1.5 mile run on the crazy steep roads S. of Camelback Mountain. I ran this last summer when I lived there and it was always brutal. I felt so much stronger today despite the 18 miles I'd ridden. Back at the house I snuck a quick cold shower and then another change of clothes.

ran the road up there
We had nice visit with A's folks and enjoyed more of the incredible AZ sunshine before it was time for another change of clothes back into bike clothes.

Phase 3 - The ride home was awesome. Great weather, mostly downhill, and I was still feeling strong on the bike. I got home and A was going to go for a 5 mile run - I should have done it - but I wussed out and promised myself to go hard this next week instead. Still a good day.

headed home
Bike miles 36
Run miles 1.5
Change of clothes 5x
Saturday - big day in the pool 3,500m and then rode the lightrail downtown to watch the Diamondbacks get trounced by LA. Sweet stadium - bad game.

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