Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Morning Pain Train

Getting caught up:
Friday - I hit the gym for some resistance work after my long ride on Thursday and then went to a friend's show opening in the downtown arts district. Rode the new light rail and got to see a cool part of town we hadn't explored yet. Good times.

Saturday - was planning to do some training but ended up just working on the house, tuning up the race bike (I can now shift to the small ring), and enjoying owning our own pool. Sat. night we rode bikes to a party - I don't think these miles (14) count. Oh, I did ride the trainer for 30min waiting for A to get ready, but that was more so I could watch Superbad.

Sunday - Slept in. Breakfast in the pool. Blew off training and went to the zoo with A before coming home and installing a new wireless network drive and trying to get it to play nice with my PC and A's Mac.

So this past week was supposed to be a rest week, but I trained most of the week until the weekend, when I had planned on training, but wound up doing a whole lot of nothing on the training front. It was fantastic. I'm not a pro, I'm not winning any money, and I have great friends and family with whom to spend time with, and sometimes that's just the ticket.

Less than two weeks until XTERRA West. My plan is for an absolutely brutal week this week with crazy mileage in all areas and then an easy taper week. I put in a hard 2,600 in the pool this morning and that is just the start!

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