Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When water isn't enough...

Day 3 of my XTERRA training and my first structured swim workout. I was craving a good swim workout and had been looking forward to this morning since the end of last week. Unfortunately this morning was a far cry from what I had been anticipating.

Last night was my second restless night unable to sleep thanks to the joys of reading about the future of my job in the paper everyday and spending my working hours in meetings talking about scenarios that leave me unemployed. It was cold and dark when I woke up feeling like hell, but still motivated to get my ass to the pool. I arrived at the pool only to find all the lanes packed (never happened before) except the 3/4 length "lane" that ends prematurely at a set of steps. I got to work warming up in this lane and immediately felt ill. I couldn't breathe, I felt slow, and was worrying.

I finally got a lane for my first set (15 x 50 on 40"). Yea, not happening. I made the first two and then had to drop to 45". I made the next 3 and then had to drop to 60" for the last 10 in order to finish all of them. Worse was that I was thinking about Zippy's post from the other day about effort. I don't know what the hell happened but the last thing I needed was to feel like a slow oaf in the pool - my one place of refuge.

I slogged through some worthless laps after the main set still having a hard time breathing. WTF? I got to work and got an email/call from a friend with more bad news on the job front. Trying to stay positive but it's rough when even water isn't enough.


Zippy said...

The pool is cruel like that. Monday my lane had 6 people in it and I got out due to frustration. Wednesday, we did a one-hour swim at Master's and it didn't go so well for me. You'll pop through.

Cooper said...

We were so very lucky to have that lane to ourselves at the community pool in Paris. Normally, you'd have to deal with 8 people in a lane, all of whom are novices in a well-marked advanced lane.