Saturday, January 10, 2009

Strength training

My sister, the strength and conditioning certified queen of pain, has been educating me for some time on the benefits of functional strength training. The idea of using body weight exercises and alternative strength workouts has taken some getting used to. I enjoy the classic dumbell and weight room exercises. There is something soothing (and easy?) about this type of workout. Total body functional strength is hard, and therefore takes some getting used to.

For Christmas this year I was fortunate to receive some awesome gifts. My sister hooked me up with some blast straps and A got me some rock rings. I finally got these installed in the home gym and bought a training tire for the roadbike to go on the indoor trainer. These new items to go along with the Bosu , stick, and foam roller make for a pretty complete home gym. I'm excited to have this new option for working out at the house.
the setup

blast straps and rock rings

how Elsie works out

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Anj said...

What a beautiful setup! Good luck with the body weight stuff. It'll make you a monster!