Thursday, January 22, 2009

Under the sea

Today could use some humor. Yesterday it was all over the local news that my job at the university, as well as those of my coworkers, are in serious jeopardy and I could soon be unemployed. While this bodes extremely well for my training and future as a competitive triathlete, it makes the day-to-day challenges of a new semester more difficult.

The humor for today is that when I was in the 4th grade my parents enrolled me in a theatre camp. That year the production was the Disney hit The Little Mermaid. I played Sebastian. Yes, the crustacean. This was a horrible experience.

During my swim this morning I kept thinking how much better everything was underwater, which inevitably led me to the the words in Under the Sea, which I will never be able to forget as long as I live. Despite the song, I did have a great workout.

Thursday AM swim:
200m warmup
250m (25 butterfly sprint/25 easy free)
250m pull
250m (25 butterfly sprint/25 easy free)
250m pull
100m cool down
1300m total

1 comment:

Cooper said...

I like the speed portion of your set. I've always found it hard to get my fly stroke set up early in a workout. How do you get the timing down? I've done a little research and might be constructing a over the door frame setup, so that I don't have to drill holes in the ceiling.