Sunday, January 25, 2009

New bike - New trail

This weekend has been very relaxing, which is a good thing right now. With the future of my job totally up in the air it was nice to have my aunt in town from Nashville and my riding buddy John in town from Nashville too. I've been easy on the training this weekend as I spend time with family and friends. My XTERRA season officially kicks off Monday and I am PUMPED.

Saturday John and I hit the Hawes Rd. system for some of the Valley's best riding. It was also the perfect set of trails to run my new bike through its paces. WOW. Not only did we find some new trails (thank you to whoever put in the work to create those), but the new bike is beyond incredible. I was able to drop John for the first time ever on one DH section. I never thought that would happen. Great weather continues out here - sunny and mid 70's.

Hawes Rd.

Looking out at McDowells

my mug

John enjoys the view

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