Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the appetite to prove it

I've been eating all day and I'm famished. I'm officially back from the off-season. I wish I had time to count calories and plan meals to correspond with workouts and schedules, but that enters the realm of crazy talk. Besides, if I found more hours in the day I'd rather do more Yoga or hang out with friends so planning meals is not a priority, but I do need to come up with a better plan to make sure I'm getting enough to eat...

1/11 - 1,200m swim, Starbucks run on the way home and relaxed poolside with coffee and the paper

1/12 - 4 mile run during lunch, took the new bike into the shop after work, played around on the blast straps

1/13 - 1,200m swim (200, 4 X (100 pull/100 swim), 5 x 25 sprint/25 easy w/5 sec rest, 100 cool down.

Tonight will be my first night of Ultimate practice here in Phoenix . Big local tournament coming up in a few weeks. I'm still not planning on playing competitive Ultimate this year, but I do miss it.

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Anj said...

You are the food king. i still need to try that defatted PB that you had in an earlier blog.

This might be a stupid question, but are you doing the Chickasaw Trail Run and Classic back-to-back this year?