Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1st swim of 2009

It started last night with the all too familiar packing of multiple bags, bagging up food, and setting out clothes and breakfast for an early morning start to the day. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about the systematic process of preparing the night before for a solid day of training.

With A in her first week at a new job, where she has to be up stupid early, it made it easier for me to make the change to a training time wake-up. I grabbed my bags and jumped in the car for a quick commute to my local 24hr Fitness. I'm not proud to be joining the ranks of those who have resolutions to attempt, but the place wasn't as bad as I feared.

It was my first time swimming in a saltwater pool, and I give it a thumbs up. The subtle saltwater taste was almost pleasant and it's nice to not carry the chlorine stench and itch around with me all day. Of course the gym is a different story. It scared me the number of people who wake up before 6:00 am and put on gold chains and cologne to go workout. I wonder if they set their accessories out the night before?

Monday I had a sore throat all day and it was no different this morning so I kept it easy in my first swim since September. Wow! I did take some time off from the pool. My stroke felt butter smooth and I couldn't help but give a silent thank you to my parents for enrolling me in competitive swimming at the age of 5. My endurance and strength were a different story. Funny how running does so little for one's lats and triceps.

I've got personal training today during lunch and that will be my second rude awakening of 2009. I'm walking the fine line between an exciting start to 2009 and avoiding an early season sickness. I always look forward to the off-season, but I think being in-season is way more fun.

Swim: 200 warm up, 4 x 200 building, 200 cool down - 1200m total

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