Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post 1/2 marathon thoughts

I enjoyed the race experience this past Sunday and it fired me up, but not for anymore 1/2 or full marathons. What fired me up was that the race showed me that a 1/2 Ironman is possible, and is something that I would be excited to train for and compete in. I'm still focusing on XTERRA, cause it's way more fun that way, but that October 1/2 IM is becoming a bigger part of my year.

Recovery from the race has been going well. I owe a lot of that to having an indoor bike trainer and the foam roller and stick. Icing in the pool out back is also huge. Today is the first day I'm feeling pretty close to 80% again.

I got out on the MTB Monday for an easy 8 mile ride. It was my first ride on my new bike that I'd been working on all fall/winter. Monday was the first opportunity I had to ride it on the trails and I wasn't about to let some tired legs keep me from riding. I'm pumped about the new ride, but have lots of adjustments to make - lever heights, shock sag, seat height. I'm sure some people dream of live-in chefs, masseuses, and maids, but I would kill for a live-in mechanic.

This is an easy week with some trainer rides and easy swims. John comes in town for some sweet riding this weekend and then my season officially kicks off on Monday. I can't wait!

Sunday - 1.5 mile warmup + 13.1 1/2 marathon
Monday - 8 mile MTB
Tuesday - 1200m swim / 20 min trainer ride

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