Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Morning Swim

Thanks to new Tuesday/Thursday pool hours, I woke up early and threw on my, now very faded, board shorts. Any day that I can start by wearing board shorts is always a pretty decent day. Anyway, I grabbed some breakfast (granola and a banana) and headed off to work. I was at the pool before it opened and the only one swimming before work. Swimming first thing in the morning is the greatest feeling ever and having a pool to yourself, outside, in the early morning sunshine is just short of divine.
I had a particularly strong 1000m at race pace during the workout which was only only icing on the cake. I was feeling so good I added some hard all out 50's at the end for good measure, and then called it a morning. The only downside to the new pool at work is that the "locker room" is just a big cement box with no ventilation or AC. It was nearing 100 degrees outside when I got into the sweat box to change into work clothes, which was not a pleasant experience. I've learned to put on only the bare essentials and dress the rest of the way on the pool deck. Again, the benefits of being the only one for an early morning swim.

I may try for a light run later tonight or just rest up for the weekend. I've got a full weekend of training planned, all of it at over 5,200 feet, which will hopefully help me prepare for next weekend's Snow Valley race at 7,000 feet +.

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