Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reno - not my favorite place

I'm here in Reno for the annual conference of my professional organization, and this year I am presenting a half-day presentation. My talk on Tuesday went extremely well and during one of our breaks I called and made reservations to rent a bike from a local outdoor provider. I was stoked!

After lunch I hit the gym for a great workout and then changed into my riding gear to head out for the bike rental. I debated running (3.5 miles) or taking a cab. I opted for a cab on the way there - big mistake. Cabs in this town are almost .50 a mile!! After arriving at the hotel where the "bike company" was I started to realize this could be a bad sign. There was no one at desk so I called their number and they were running an hour late. So I waited.They finally showed up from leading a rafting trip and the guy who was helping me was your typical raft guide - portly, laid back, and high.

While I was trying to check out the bike a lady of the night showed up to sell a bike to the company for their fleet. They bought it. That gives you an idea of the bikes I had to choose from. The final words from the guide before he sent me on my way.

"Dude, this map is like an abstract interpretation of, no, no, it's like a cubist representation of Reno. Dude, do you like cookies? Where can I find some cookies?"

Downtown Reno

the nicest ride I could find (one size too small and check out the brakes)

not a good sign

the closest I got the mountains

worst directions ever

I returned the bike, starting running back to my hotel, got lost, got frustrated, stopped to buy some TN style hydration, and finally made it back to my hotel. Reno is not a pretty place, even with the mountains.

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