Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Update

The alarm went off early, but after two 4:00AM mornings in a row and having a solo workout planned, I just couldn’t get out of bed. My first day back in the office after a week in Reno, and my third week on the job, made for a hectic day at the office. This was followed by a meeting with the real estate agent to go over more house details – some good / some bad. The plan was to go for a long run and lift when I got home, but after talking with my wife and getting some food down it was getting late enough to jeopardize my Tuesday AM workout. I sucked it up and did some core, flexibility, and strength training before calling it a day.

I don’t know if it was my comments about the warm pool temperatures after work that led to the campus AD adding some AM lap hours to the pool schedule, but it rocks. I much prefer to swim in the mornings, and my swim training has been way off since moving out to Arizona, but with some early morning options I can hopefully get back in the swing of things. A package arrived from last night with my new pull buoy and paddles as well as a stationary swim trainer. I put it to use this morning during 1,600 M of pulling and 1,850 M total. I would’ve liked to go longer but the student life guard was late opening the pool.

Got home and went for a hard 4 mile run along the canals in Phoenix. It hurt, but I’m feeling my endurance and strength returning after several weeks off.

I slept in, because I couldn’t get out of bed for an early morning run. After work I hit the south side of Camelback Mtn. for ½ mile hill climb repeats on the bike and then running. I’m beat.

***Stay tuned for a post dedicated to gear reviews. I’ve unfortunately had to purchase quite a bit of new gear as a result of theft when I first arrived in phoenix. I’m planning on posting reviews of my new helmet, gloves, multi-tool, paddles, pull buoy, goggles, and the piece I am most excited about – my new swim trainer.

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