Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's all about the mornings

One of my riding buddies from Nashville, who is from Phoenix, is out here in Phoenix for a few days visiting family so he's introducing me to a few of his favorite trails. Not only is riding with a friend from back home sweet, but I learn something every time I ride with John and become a better rider for it. Today's lessons were many, but the big one - don't put your bike down in cactus. Just when I thought my technical skills were improving John had to show up and show me how it's done.
Sunrise in the desert

trail history

Saguarotons of mine shafts

taking a break

John took a NASTY crash and his bike landed 30ft away. I don't think he could have thrown it that far. He came out pretty well considering.

Explaining how it happened

retrieving the bike
Great times in the desert and we're doing it again tomorrow.

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