Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We all have goals - or should have goals - that’s my personal take. Nothing I’ve done in the last 6 months would have been possible if I didn’t continue to set higher and higher goals for myself. July 4th weekend last year I competed in my first XTERRA triathlon – the Lock 4 blast. I finished 5th, with minimal training and only some idea as to what I was doing, having done a whole two road triathlons before that. Who knew that one XTERRA race would pull me away from 15 years of competitive Ultimate Frisbee and teams that I had helped to build and develop.

The real change happened when I started reading other XTERRA athlete blogs in December. I was trying to rehab my knee and hip after another brutal club season of Ultimate and decided that a year of triathlon and no Ultimate (except coaching) would be the perfect compliment to my injury rehab. I started a blog, built up a bike, and started swimming again. I set my sights on racing all the XTERRA races that I could, and hopefully earning a spot to compete at nationals…this after having done one race.

Here I am 6 months after I started this crazy adventure. I’m in a new city, at day two of a new job, and wondering how 90 degrees can possibly be the low at night. At the same time, I had a great run yesterday after work and today I’m checking out the pool at work. That’s right, pool at the office. Sweet! Anyway, I have one more race on my “revised” (cancel everything because I’m moving) schedule for the season and it will be at altitude on a course I will have never seen before in my life. I have a couple weeks to keep adjusting to my new locale and keep up the training. What makes it all easier is that I have goals. Just one of my current life goals is racing in Tahoe with the big boys, but with a solid race in CA in only a few weeks it might just happen.


jameson said...

goals are definitely a necessity... If you are looking for solid race at altitude that's not too far from you check out Xterra Snow Valley. It's on 8/3 and it's a fun one!

XTERRA 29er said...

I've added that one to my schedule and am looking forward to it. It will be my last chance to earn points and hopefully secure a spot at Nationals!