Monday, July 14, 2008

Quick update before hitting the road

I leave in a couple of hours for Reno. Hopefully I'll get a chance to ride the Tahoe XTERRA course while I'm there for a conference. Anyone have advice for renting a ride up there?

Training Update
Tuesday: Trevor Glavin's Swim workout - that sucked.
Wednesday: Hill repeats after work, 1 mile climb x 3 with 6# weight vest
Thursday: Swim workout 2,000 yds - so nice to not feel like I was drowning (see Tuesday)
Friday: Resistance training / rest
Saturday: Great ride along the canals in Phoenix, excellent long ride!
Sunday: Up early for 5 mile ride to Camelback, 3 miles of mountain hiking/running, 5 mile bike back home feeling good despite the heat

I'm definitely getting more accustomed to the heat - it has also cooled off here lately. We have an offer in on a house here in the Valley, and I'm really excited to wrap that up and have our own place, it has been away too long. I have only a couple weeks until Snow Valley so this week in Reno and the following week are key to catching up on my training. The altitude will hopefully help in my training.

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