Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend update

It felt like I was the only one not racing this weekend. Cooper killed it in his first 1/2 marathon (headbutt!) and JW and Zippy are always racing and throwing down in SoCal. It was supposed to be a big training weekend for me and I came up a little short, but overall pleased with how it went down.

Saturday - up early and at the pool before 8:00 am. 2,200m (400, 6x50 drill, 8x100, 6x50, 2x100, 200).

I went straight from the pool to the trail head at SoMo and rode out'n'back on the Desert Classic Trail ~ 20 miles. It had been too long since I rode the entire thing and I forgot what sweet and empty singletrack there is once you get 6 or 7 miles in on the trail. I was just cruising for most of it, but started to have some weird ghost shifting around mile 12, and miles 8-11 just sucked. False flats really piss me off, except when I ride them the other way and realize I was actually climbing.

65 degrees and sunny - CarTalk on tap
never looks as steep in pictures
Largest municipal park in the USA
Stopped for some Filibertos lunch on the way home and then enjoyed it poolside with A in the sunshine. My relaxation was cut short by a trip to Lowes (new grill - Thanks Pam and Stan!) and some new Yucca for the side yard. I spent the entire afternoon/evening digging out tree stumps till my hands were blistered and my back was cramping.
Every one of those planters had a stump

I look like this cause my back is cramping and it weighs a ton
I took a power nap around 8:00pm and then hit Max and Ted's dive bar in Chandler, AZ for a Karaoke for a friend's birthday. The only draft beer came by the pitcher, so I had my own and a little JD and Coke for good measure, sang a little Johnny Cash, and called it day.

Sunday - up early for some house cleaning before hosting out of town friends for brunch. Great visit and then out for more landscaping supplies. More work in the yard and installed a new rug. A and I had a 6.5 mile run on the calendar for Sunday, but we just couldn't find the energy so we filed our taxes instead.

I'm going to get the 6.5 in today, but I'm tired!!!

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Zippy said...

Careful, Karaoke can be addicting!