Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No rest for the weary

Week 7 of my '09 XTERRA season is underway and it is supposed to be about active recovery and rest. Too bad that's not happening.

Monday - make up run from Sunday 4.5 miles - I set a super tough pace for this run
Tuesday - AM gym trip lift chest/back
Wednesday - AM gym, arms / 1x200, 1x400 swim - 600m total

Sounds like an easy week so far right? Wrong. We've had guests in town since Sunday and it has been fabulous to hang out eating and drinking with them, but it means staying up late, eating crap, and not being well rested. The last half of this week gets even crazier as I'm taking Thursday and Friday off work to spend more time with friends. Probably hit the gym for some total body work on Thursday and then the trails for a mellow MTB ride. Friday-Sunday is all pool time with a couple chill hikes thrown in for good measure.

I'm starting to get excited about racing on my bike and have decided to make a number of changes and upgrades to my new race bike for this season. Stay tuned...

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