Monday, March 23, 2009

Finding motivation in week 8

Last week (week 7)was a rest week and I managed to stay fairly busy:
Monday - make-up run
Tuesday - gym workout
Wednesday - gym & short swim
Thursday - 4.5hr ride in Sedona
Friday - rest
Saturday - rest
Sunday - rest

Those last three days are misleading as we had some of our best friends in town visiting from Seattle and we were plenty busy - eating, drinking, and relaxing poolside. Yes, the temperatures in Phoenix reached the 90s which meant plenty of time in the sunshine drinking margaritas and other cool beverages. I miss them already.

After our friends left for 40 and rainy Seattle, I got to work on my race bike for the 2009 season. I'm pretty excited about it and even more excited that the build is coming mainly from existing bikes and parts around the house. It was sad to see the SS loose some of her better looking parts, but it's for a good cause and staying in the family. This also means there are some bikes and parts going up for sale...a sad and all too true part of bike ownership.

Week 8 is going to be a killer (especially this weekend) and I'm having a hard time getting back in the groove. I ate and drank too much and am left feeling lethargic. Today's workout is an easy run and leg routine which should be a nice transition from the complete inactivity of the last three days. My goal is to finish the "new" race bike in time for this weekend's big ride and brick workout.

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