Saturday, March 7, 2009


Fantasy Island North Singletrack
This morning John and I rode FINS out in the Estrella Mountains in Phoenix's west valley. This is some of the purest desert singletrack I've ridden out here and is still around thanks to the stalled housing development of the area. We spent three hours riding various loops and chatting up some locals on the trails. Most of it was rolling singletrack, but the the Northstar trail is a DH run with multiple jumps and some serious exposure. Great morning of riding.

Came home and was going to hit the pool but was wiped from the ride and ate some lunch and hit the sack. I've been training hard this week and my body needed the rest. I laid down and was out cold. I may try and make it up tomorrow.

John climbing like a goat
views abound
base of jump
bike enjoys the view
Wednesday: lift chest/back, 1,300m swim
Thursday: lift arms, 20 mile ride (rode the bike home from work - awesome!)
Friday: left legs / core
Saturday: 3hr mtb ride

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Zippy said...

That desert singletrack sure looks nice...