Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I need coffee

Everyday last week I had coffee in the morning. Why I decided to cut back this week I have no idea, but so far it has been brutal. No headaches or anything, but I am dragging. Anyone that knows me will vouch for the mania that sets in when I hit the java juice and I could use some of that energy these days. It could also be my first full week of work in quite a while...

Monday - skipped my leg strength session to work in the yard and on my race bike after work
Tuesday - lift chest / 1,600m swim (2x200, 2x200IM/400free)


Anj said...

Aren't we always tweaking and trying out new things with the ol' diet? I've done the same thing with the same result. I need coffee, too!

Cooper said...

You've hit the juice! I'm proud.