Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to Nashville

Longer post with pictures will be up later today... The short version is that I left Friday AM for Nashville to spend the weekend back home with friends and family. I managed to get in some decent training for traveling and trying to be social, oh and because it was freezing and snowing while I was home.

Thursday: Skipped out on the run and caught up on work before leaving town. Great turnout for the wheelchair basketball event on campus.
Friday: ran 4 miles with A in our old neighborhood back in Nashville
Saturday: 1,200m in the Vanderbilt pool, pool plymetrics, light lifting and abs (great to workout with bb again. I can't imagine how fit we'd be if we were still able to workout together for year 2. Water plyos are so good and I forget what a nice pool Vandy has.)
Sunday: rest - great time with Friends and family
Monday: Little sis extraordinaire is a trainer for a local gym so A and I paid her a visit at work. Some time on the elliptical and bike before hitting the weights and functional strength routine with sis. Good stuff.
Tuesday: Back in AZ where it's 80+ degrees. Got out for a 4 mile run during lunch. Almost getting too hot to run at lunch already.

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