Friday, March 13, 2009

New Kicks

My New Kicks
I had Monday-Thursday off work this week and I put the time to good use. My training has been ramping up the past couple of weeks and next week is a much needed rest week. Before I get there I have a couple big workouts this weekend and this past week was full of hard work - just not in the office.

Monday and Tuesday I did no formal training but cleared out our whole side yard of trees and gravel. I lifted cinder blocks, painted the eves of the house, painted the back porch pillars, and shoveled more rock and dirt than anyone should ever have to do on a day off. I used all of this in place of formal training these days which should have been a rest day and a leg workout.

Wednesday I was back to yard work but I also I hit the pool with A when she got home from work and swam a hard and fast ladder with 30sec rest between sets (50,100,200,300,400,400,300,200,100,50) 2,100 total. I paid close attention to my stroke and form after a couple emails this week with a friend about form and technique (I do roll my entire body and play catchup with with my arms).

Thursday I did my part for the economy. I bought a secret weapon for this season (not revealing this yet) and I also bought new shoes. I've never bought running shoes from a running store, I've always been a discount, sale, side of the road kind of shoe buyer. Thursday that changed when I visited Sole Sports. Jen talked with me about my running, videotaped me running on a treadmill, and then brought me shoes based on what she saw on film. I was able to try the shoes out on their treadmill and outside. They even brought me water between my intervals. I had an excellent experience and will definitely be back. A big thanks to Jen and Katie!

I am really pleased with the Gel-DS trainer 14, by far the lightest shoe I have ever run in before. Part of me wanted to wait and get the new Caveman shoe, But I'm super happy with the shoes I bought and my experience at Sole Sports. Today I had my first extended run in the new kicks and it was awesome just floating along.

Friday: 4 miles then 4 x 200 on the track and a 400 cool down. Feeling fast!

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Zippy said...

Nothing like that "new shoe" smell.