Monday, February 23, 2009

Thursday - Sunday

Thursday: 47 minute trail run. I hit South Mountain after work for a timed run. SoMo has to be one of my favorite places in the valley. There are so many trails that I can just show up and take a different turn every time I'm there and try to get lost.

: 1 hour strength training / 12 mile road bike. I lifted in the morning before work. Went for a full body workout with lots of functional strength. Friday night we rolled out on the commuter bikes and met up with some folks for some bowling and then after party at a friend's house. Got to spend some quality time with a strong bike centric crowd (own a bike shop in MI) and I'm sure I got old asking all my questions that most shop guys are too stuck up to answer. Bummer-drive by oranging occurred this night.

: 1,400m swim / 1hr MTB. A decided to join me for the swim workout before she hit the gym to the lift and I hit the trail. We had a great workout and she killed it. She always tears it up in the pool. This woman is so fast on the road, on the slopes, and in the pool. I think she'll probably divorce me if I try and talk to her one more time about her racing tri, but she would dominate! (200 wu, 4x50 drill, 4x200, 2x100). I hit the trails at SoMo for my first brick workout of the year. I took my new bike, which is sooo sweet, and threw down for the first 5 miles. I started feeling less energetic on the trip back on my out'n'back course. I rode the Desert Classic trail which can be a pretty fast and flat trail, except I always forget how rocky it is. Very glad to be rocking the full squish these days.
my mug on SoMo
empty single track
desert is crazy green from the rain
Sunday: 3.5 mile trail run in the AM. Feeling the fatigue of a long week of training and my first brick workout on Saturday. Still kept it together to do the domestic thing Sunday and installed a new mailbox, motion light, fixed a gate, and took out two trees from the yard. Myrtl exercises while watching the Oscars before finally calling it a day.
work in progress

looking much nicer
Monday: Rest. Much needed and feeling like it is disappearing quickly. I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a part of me that wanted to get some kind of quick workout in today, but I know my body really needs this break today in order to stay healthy.

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