Monday, February 16, 2009

Furlough in Flagstaff

Friday brought the first of 12 unpaid days thanks to Arizona's lack of love for anything education related. Scheduling furlough time is a tricky beast because I have to find days when my absence won't have a negative impact on the students I serve. I'm working on a plan for a brutal week of two-a-day training over spring break!

Thursday night A and I drove up to our weekend base camp in Prescott Valley, AZ. Friday morning was an early affair and we were on the road for Flagstaff. The car thermometer showed single digits and it brought both of us back to our days in MN.

The closer we got to Flag the deeper the snow got. By the time we reached Snowbowl Rd. I was having doubts about our ability to make it to the top of the mountain. We passed three accidents before reaching the summit on a beautiful clear day.

I was just ahead of A in the equipment rental line and after getting my gear couldn't understand what was taking her so long.....the short version of this story is that I picked up the skis for a 6 year old kid with my same name and was standing there ready to hit the slopes with my 2ft skis listening to this kid tell his mom they called his name but he didn't have his skis. A finally clued me in and I returned the kid's skis and waited for mine.

The day was filled with runs through fresh powder, no lines on the lifts or the slopes, and beautiful weather. Not a bad way to spend a day you're not being paid.
top of the run
on the lift
check out the crowds
Can't believe this is AZ

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Zippy said...

Nice! I miss skiing.