Friday, February 29, 2008

That's A Workout

Thursday during lunch I hit the weights – hard. I’m really trying to push before my rest week next week. Thursday after work it was 5 miles of tempo work on the track, before a nasty blister developed and I decided to shut it down. I moved off the track and inside to lead 45 minutes of pool plyometrics for the Vanderbilt Ultimate Team. Being responsible for their strength and conditioning this season, it was great to mix it up their workout and get everyone in the pool. I wish I had a camera to show what leading 25+ college athletes through a pool workout looked like. We finished the workout with some fun relays, but after all the running and pool plyos my calf cramped up something nasty during the last relay (water running) and I had to finish on one leg. One of our Vanderbilt Ultimate players is also on the Vanderbilt Water Polo team and invited those of us who were still up for it down to the deep end of the pool for a scrimmage. Those guys are tough. I avoided anymore cramping, but my training partner Chris wasn’t so lucky - plenty of strong swimmers to pull him to the side. I spent the rest of the night trying to get enough food and fluids into my system before a great night of sleep in recovery tights. Thank god.

Total on the day:
1 hour of weights
5 miles on the track
45 minutes of plyometrics in the pool
45 minutes of water polo (against the professionals)
That’s a workout!

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