Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rest Week- in Paris

Saturday 3/1 - At the gym before it opened, bike for an hour and then hit the pool for 2,000 M.  I rushed home, changed clothes, and then left for the airport. This week is a rest week, and I'll be spending it "resting" in Paris with Amanda. Check the travel blog to see and read about our travels.
Wednesday 3/5 - Woke up early, especially for Parisians, and met my friend Cooper at the local public pool in the Latin Quarter of Paris.  They do the whole gym/pool thing far different than here in the states.  Mandatory swim caps, naked swimming, coed locker rooms, and having to step in a puddle of cold water before entering the pool area.  It was a totally different experience, that made the 2,000 meters that Cooper and I cranked out feel like nothing.  Of course it could also be training with a friend I haven't seen in far too long.
The week in Paris was one of the best I've had in a long time.  I don't know how well I fared in the rest department, as Amanda and I walked over most of the city (14 miles on our first day), but it felt very restful.  I came home to find a new Triathlete Magazine waiting for me, and flipping through that while overcoming jetlag has me all fired up to  get back to training.  That training starts tomorrow morning, early and in the pool.

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