Thursday, March 27, 2008

The bike’s ready…am I?

Monday I dropped off my Cobia at Biker’s Choice to have Travis look at the damage I had done to the wheel and rotor (ran over it with the car). I made the mistake of asking him about upgrades I could do to the bike, and found myself wanting far more than I could ever afford. I’m thinking a new fork (Reba Race) is in my future. All said and done I came away with a perfect wheel and a new saddle. On Travis’s recommendation I bought the Specialized Phenom. After feeling how incredibly light it was and looking at how small it was, I thought it was going to hurt or be unpleasant to ride. I was completely wrong! Two hour ride on Montgomery Bell yesterday and the new saddle felt great! No soreness today and I’m looking forward to cranking out 30k on it in this weekend’s Chickasaw race. As for how I’ll be feeling after the 9k trail run on Saturday, that’s a different story….

Training Update:
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 2 mile warm up followed by the last 600m superset track workout
Wednesday – 2,350 in the pool and 2 hour trail ride
Thursday – weights
Friday – Swim, or I may just do a light jog to get ready for the big race weekend

1 comment:

jake said...

hey G,

Why don't you learn to tune the fork before you buy a new one.

Just a thought.