Sunday, March 23, 2008

Biggest Training Day Yet!

Friday was a perfect day!  
I slept in, had breakfast and coffee with my sister, who is in town for the weekend, and then I packed up the car for a big day.  The breakdown:
Pool: swam 3,100 feeling strong and fast
Lunch: ate a burrito and watched a couple minutes of basketball in the rec. center lobby
Bike: Couldn't ask for better weather so I made the drive down to Columbia, TN to ride Chickasaw Trace where my 15k run and 30k MTB races will be next week.  I met some new folks at the trail head and then hit the trail for another great ride on the SS.
Run:  I threw the bike in the car and headed off on the trail for an easy 2 miles on the trail.
After finishing a big day of training and time in the sunshine I came home to more time with my sister and the cold Abita beer she brought up from the swamp land.  Abita is the greatest beer ever made and the limited edition strawberry is surprisingly good after a hard day of training.


Angela Brown said...

Great to meet you at the trailhead! Good luck with both events!

Duane Leach said...

Looking forward to having you here for a double at Chickasaw. I'm taking a carload from here to Ft. Yargo as well. We are doubling there--MTB race the next day. Be sure to introduce yourself to me. I'll be with the timing device at the 15k finish and with the computer in the cabin on Sunday.

XTERRA 29er said...

Thanks for the comments! Duane, I'll try and find you to introduce myself this weekend.