Wednesday, March 19, 2008

100% Mental

Training for endurance sports is very different than training for a team sport. I’m coming off of almost 10 years of nationals level competition in Ultimate, and those years were filled with practices and training done mostly as a team – with other people. I’ve got a great training partner in Chris, but there are still plenty of workouts where I’m out there on my own. It takes a different kind of motivation to train by yourself. On a team, you just have to get yourself to practice and your teammates/coach pretty much take care of the rest. Out there on the trail….. it is as much a mental battle to keep on going as it is physical. In the woods no one knows if you duck out early, slack off, or just plain don’t go. The flip side is that you are 100% responsible, no teammates to blame, no one but yourself to let down. It is a sick kind of mental anguish, but I am learning to enjoy it. I’m not sure I will every really get used to it. I do think that it has the potential to make race days more gratifying. I’ve got Friday off and am looking forward to a big brick training day, maybe followed by a massage from the greatest little sister in the whole world. She also happens to be an excellent personal trainer and massage therapist. What more could an older brother ask for? The Stats: Monday – Rest (much needed after the weekend) Tuesday – Great 1.5 hr ride on the trails (singlespeed, I love that bike) Wednesday – 1,850 morning swim

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