Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Bike

After weeks months of waiting for a nice sunny day to setup the work stand outside and wrench in the sunshine, I finally accepted that I don’t live in the southwest and it wasn’t going to happen. The rain, gloom, and cold weather show no sign of relenting anytime soon. This mean that my new GF Cobia that has been hanging in the garage collecting dust hasn’t seen a ride or any work since late fall. With a busy work, training, and coaching schedule I haven’t found the time, or the energy, to setup in the garage and do what needs to be done. That all changed this weekend when the wife graciously suggested I bring the work inside and slave away on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Check out the new slideshow with before, during, and after photos. While pretty handy, there is some work best left to your local bike shop, so thanks to Travis and the guys at Biker’s Choice for putting the finishing touches on my sweet new ride. All I need now is for some of the trails to open!

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