Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Training Update

Friday: weights
Saturday: 2 hr Ultimate scrimmage (no subs), 1,300m swim, 1 hr on the trainer
Sunday: 5 mile run
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 3.5 mile trail run (hill repeats)
Saturday was a brutal training day. Enough Vanderbilt Ultimate alumni were in town for the Florida Vanderbilt basketball game that we scrimmaged the current ultimate team on Saturday morning before the basketball game. The relics prevailed (13-9?) with a poor turnout in numbers from the current team. It is always fun to take off the coaching hat and be a player, matching up against my players in a real game. After the ~ 2 hr scrimmage it was into the pool for 1,300 meters. I was helping Chris with his stroke after finishing my workout when the first cramp hit, left hamstring, and thankfully we were in a shallow lane so I could hobble over to the stairs to stretch. The 1hr session on the indoor bike was brutal, as we rode what felt like all hills while trying to keep hammering. Never getting that occasional downhill coast is brutal, but with poor weather and trail conditions outside I’ve been limited to brutal indoor spins. Sunday’s weather was rain and gusting winds, a slopping wet 5 miles on the road. Monday I wore tights like a real man and enjoyed the recovery. Tuesday’s run was a tough one as I was still feeling the weekend. Up before sunrise, I was the only one on the trail and enjoyed the snowfall, but not the hill repeats. First time I’ve taken out the GPS, which really helped me keep the pace up.

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