Monday, February 25, 2008

Home Turf

I spent the better part of the weekend clearing dead trees and brush while enjoying the damp, cold, and ever threatening rain shower. With all the local trails closed because of the wet weather I got to thinking about my own backyard playground that I could ride/run even in bad weather. There isn’t a lot of space, so it would necessitate plenty of loops, but there are trees, elevation changes, rock, and dirt. The work started out fast and fun, but quickly turned frustrating. It is one thing to envision your own trail, but quite another to make it happen all on your own. It may take a while but I hope to have my own training ground built up (probably in time for the nice weather to return).
Training Update:
Thursday: 1,300 swim, plyometric workout
Friday: Strength
Saturday: 2,000m swim
Sunday: rest
Monday: 1 hr MTB before work, 3 mile run during lunch

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