Thursday, February 14, 2008

On the trail again

I got a good 60 minute trail run in at Lock 4 this morning before work. This was the first time I have tried hitting the trail before work and it worked out beautifully. I’d guess I ran about 6.5 miles including the same loop that is part of the XTERRA Lock 4 Blast held here in July. The temperature was 22 degrees when I started, so the only sounds on the trail came from a family of white-tail deer that I kept looking at me like I was crazy. The first 10 minutes were brutal as I tried to adjust to the cold. I kept thinking about racers like James Walsh who live and train in San Diego. I can’t even imagine. On one loop down by the transition area, I spent some time reciting some words of inspiration for this upcoming season of racing, come July I’m willing to bet those words pay off big. It was strange to pound away the miles by foot instead of by bike. This was probably only the 3rd time I’ve run out at Lock 4 including last year’s race. That is definitely about to change. After the run it was off to work at the college, a quick shower, and change of clothes at the gym - in my office by 7:59. Not too shabby. Happy Valentines Day, the wife and I are off to Indian food and The Frist Museum.

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