Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a training update

Thursday - I biked 20 miles home from work, jumped in the pool, then hit up happy hour with friends

Friday - I was totally spent and took the day off

Saturday - I meant to go swim, but we got busy re-arranging the living room, removing closet doors, and planning our drip irrigation system and backyard.

Sunday - 15 mile road ride to in-laws for father's day, met A there and rode a 25 mile loop with her, then we had a nice lunch with my father in-law and drove half-way home before buying ANOTHER bike. This is a cruiser for A, but since we already had two bikes in the car I got to ride it the 3 miles back to the house. Long day on two wheels - 43 miles. Got home and started trenching for the irrigation system. It was a long day.

Monday - tried to run in the AM, but felt sick and had to settle for a walk with the dog. Tried to workout during lunch (swim), but still felt sick. First day of big time triple digit heat in the valley and it hit me hard following a long day of exertion Sunday. I think I'm really dehydrated and my nutrition is out of whack.

Tuesday - 1,000m swim AM / 30 min elliptical lunch and lifting

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