Tuesday, June 16, 2009

N. AZ training camp - day 1

This past weekend was AWESOME!! A and I skipped town on Thursday night and headed up to northern Arizona. This state is amazing and so beautiful. At 6,000ft, cooler weather, killer trails, and a house in the mountains Prescott is becoming one of my favorite destinations.
Friday morning we slept in, ate a relaxing breakfast out back while enjoying the views, and then got ready to hit the local trails. A had given up on joining me on anymore MTB adventures, but she was excited about some easier dirt riding free from traffic. Our new CX bikes are just the ticket for this kind of adventure. We mapped out a route where we could bike from the house and hit the Iron King and Peavine trail systems - old railroad lines converted to trail. Paradise.

ready to head out
3 miles on busy streets before this
the views and the trails all to ourselves
granite dells
taking a break
such a pretty ride
heading north on the Peavine trail
not quite as pretty at the far northern end
A is not amused by my shooting while riding
"if you crash..."
trail side flowers

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Erin said...

That looks beautiful! You took great pictures!